your gut-gullie guide to good food!


What are our thoughts about food in general?

Food isn’t plain sustenance for us. It’s an emotion. It has the power to comfort, to stimulate, to unite, to bond, to reminisce, to converse, to convey, to connect and more. It’s been said when you cook someone a meal and gather them over, you share a piece of your heart with them. Our earliest food memories were in community kitchens where we cooked and ate together at the table as one family. Modest meals often evoke the warmest of emotion and remain in our collective memory forever. That said, we love to eat and learn and experiment with ingredients, flavors and textures.

What do we love more, cooking or baking?

We can’t bake all our meals so though we cook, we are passionate about baking. We love how simple flour, sugar, butter and eggs can metamorphose into varied states and forms. Some say baking is more science than art and others see it otherwise but we’re equally intrigued by both streams.

What is our take on baking?

We believe it’s all about the ingredients. Baking from scratch with no added flavoring or preservatives and use of fresh produce and real quality ingredients is what makes the difference when it comes to taste. Though we’re not overly fixated about western trends and their obsession with allergies and therefore their many diet innovations, we’re sensitive to preferences. We leverage locally store-bought dairy and flour in our baked goods but do splurge on quality ingredients. When it comes to fresh produce, we rely on farmers’ markets. We derive inspiration from world renowned chefs and are constantly on the edge to learn and experiment. We believe happiness is homemade and baking is therapeutic and a reward in itself.

What are our interests besides food?

We hail from diverse professional backgrounds ranging from software to art conservation. However, we’ve always believed ourselves to be two right-brained food enthusiasts all along.

Why the website?

The website is our modest attempt at documenting our food memoirs with those who share in our passion. It’s also a window of opportunity to sharing and collaborating with fellow food bloggers. We plan to communicate our love of food through it.

Do we take our own photos?

We do our own food styling and believe food has to look appealing as much as it tastes. We have no formal education in photography (though we’d really like to take that long due course on how to use a DSLR) and use a point-and-shoot camera for all of our pictures.

Do we plan on taking orders?

We are open for orders the details of which will be up on our Facebook page. We are working out our menu and logistics.

How can we be of assistance?

We would love to hear from you and collaborate via our Facebook page. You can also write into us as soon as we set up our work email. Your comments are also welcome and will encourage us to post more often.